Recently signed to PLAG Records and working with multi-platinum Producer Warren Huart in Hollywood CA, Kaedyn’s rich and powerful vocal style delivers chills and an uplifting and entertaining musical voyage wrapped in the roots of rock and pop. In short, if you are a fan of popular singer songwriters such as Taylor Swift, Florence and the Machine, Hayley Williams (Of the band Paramore), and others like them, Kaedyn Kashmir is a must have for your collection.

Kaedyn’s thought provoking lyrics have captured the attention of people around the world and reflect on the social issues that face today’s youth. Her soulful delivery and melodic compositions give testament to the broad appeal of fans that have embraced it.

WARREN HUART (Multi-Platinum Producer-The Fray, James Blunt, Aerosmith) – “This wonderfully talented singer delivers amazingly heartfelt vocals that would only normally come from someone at least twice her age, she is a truly gifted artist that you have to hear!”

ROGER FISHER (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee HEART) – “Not only is her natural talent evident, the radiation of pure love of the craft is undeniable. Welcome to the music industry, Kaedyn. You’re going places!”

JIM DEVER (Evening Magazine) – “Her powerful voice and thoughtful lyrics belie her young age.”

KING 5 TV calls Kaedyn a “Musical Phenom” and Sliding Doors “A powerful debut!”

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