Originally from Palm Desert, California, Sara Groban is an independent singer/songwriter. She has played guitar for 10 years and has been composing her own music since the age of 13. Her influence came from her brother Ehren Groban and her cousin Josh Groban.

Sara Groban is proud to introduce herself to audiences worldwide with the release of her debut single “Drops of Sunlight”. This song is meant to represent the hardship and recovery of losing someone or something in your life. It’s about when you realize that life is short and indeed beautiful, so it should be lived to the fullest. These types of emotions are ever present in this song. Her upbeat hook with acoustic guitar brings an authentic and poppy feel to this song. She uses unique melodic verses and harmonies in the chorus to express her overall style.

Sara Groban is a multi-generational artist that brings her wonderful indie/pop songs to the masses. She currently is a recruited songwriter for Universal Music Group in association with Transformaz Music Group. She recently placed one of her songs with upcoming Brazilian pop artist, Natalia Damini. It was released in January of 2014. She will be touring with Nicki Menaj this summer.

What’s Your Dream Gig?
My dream gig would be at main stage Coachella. I love festivals and huge outdoor spaces. I would love to play at night and have the best light show. There needs to be room to dance as well. I feel like that really connects me to the audience.

What was the last concert you attended?
I recently went to see People Under The Stairs and Twelves. The energy was incredible and the sound system was up to par. I felt like I could escape.

What was the first album you bought?
The first record I bought was Britney Spears Baby One More Time. I don’t regret it. That single was super catchy.

Sara is currently working in her home studio, recording songs for Universal Music Group. Future shows will be listed here, so stay tuned!

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